For Love of a Fish

May 23, 2014
This film is about a love triangle between a soldier, his wife…and a her fish, a drama focusing on their broken relationship from the war and how they cope and try to live a “normal” life together. The real question is, what is normal? What we perceive is reality and the collateral damage from war changes us forever, the cure may not be to heal, but to learn how to deal with this new reality.
The number of young veterans committing suicide has jumped dramatically, a worrying trend that our film addresses. Our story is a love triangle between a soldier, his wife…and her fish. Steve, the soldier, comes home from the battlefield trying to adjust to a life away from the war while also working to win back the woman he loves. In his growing depression, he thinks that maybe suicide is the answer. His wife, Veronica, has her own issues and they come together to figure out whether their broken relationship can be healed, and whether they can ever have a ‘normal’ life again. This all comes to a head over dinner with old friends causing disruption to the entire restaurant and ironically it is the fish that may save the day.

Directed by: Don Hutcheson
Starring:  Gretchen Lodge, Josh Murray, Jerry Della Salla, Paola Torres